Refurbished Farmhouse Sofa Table

Hello! Over the weekend I came across some free barn wood from a friend and of course I could not wait to get started on my first project. First up I will show you how I turned this boring table into a refurbished farmhouse sofa table. I got this table for free a few years back when my old job decided to update their furniture. Besides supplies, which I already had on hand, this project cost $0!

sofa table

So this is what the table looked like before I got my hands on it. I believe its made out of some type of laminate. It had a really hardy top coat so when I tried sanding with a palm sander it didn’t make a dent in it. I tried using chalk paint but the paint was not sticking. When all else failed I switched to spray paint and it actually worked! This was a few years ago so I don’t remember the brand of spray paint but it was white gloss. These days I prefer matte or flat but it came out good anyway.

refurbished sofa table

I kept the table like this for a few years but I was never happy with it. Several times I contemplated on building a whole new table but never went through with it. I’m so happy I kept it around because the barn wood was the perfect touch! First I picked out two boards, measured the length of the table, and cut both pieces. It just so happened that the two pieces equaled the width of the table perfectly. I had originally planned to do a little over hang off the sides but decided to keep it with two boards to make it easier.

Next I sanded both of the boards down. First I used a belt sander because the wood was really rough. Then I went back over it using a palm sander until it was smooth. Here is how both pieces look once sanded down.

refurbished sofa table

After sanding, I decided to stain the boards before attaching to the table. This way I could avoid any stain around the table legs. First I poured a little of After Wash on a cloth and wiped the boards down. This will remove any residue left behind from sanding and bring out the character of the wood. You can see what I difference it makes below!

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For stain I used Minwax in the color Jacobean. This was the perfect color because it wasn’t too dark where it would hide the character of the wood but also has a very rustic feel.

Once the stain was complete I was ready to attach the top. I laid the boards down on top and used a nail gun to secure.

repurposed barn wood

The table already looked ten times better with the wood top but I really wanted to give it an extra wow factor. To finish off the table I decided to add barn wood trim. I had enough wood left over from the scrap pieces to cut two smalls pieces for each end. I sanded them down, stained, and nailed into each end like so.

refurbished farmhouse sofa table

Next I grabbed two more pieces of wood for the sides of the table and removed all the nails. (This is the worst part!) Then I repeated the same steps of sanding and staining and I was ready to attach. Attaching the side pieces was a little tricky because I did not have an extra hand to hold the board. In order to hold the board up I used a clamp in the middle. It does not have to be lined up perfect but as long as it stays you can adjust the board to where you need it and then tighten the clamp. I also clamped the boards on each end since they were a little bowed and it helped a ton! Below is how it turned it. The building part of the refurbished farmhouse sofa table is complete!

refurbished farmhouse sofa table

Finally, the last step to complete this project was to polyurethane the wood pieces. This will really bring out the color of the wood and help protect it. I used Rust-Oleum Polyurethane matte interior that I purchased at a discount store. Not my favorite but it gets the job done. I did 3 coats of poly until I was finally happy.

Now we have a completed refurbished farmhouse sofa table! I am so happy with how this transformation turned out. It really goes along with my other decor flawlessly! I recently purchased new stools for our breakfast bar and wasn’t sure what to do with the old stools. Turns out they fit perfect under the table and would be great for extra seating if we have guests.

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