Refurbished Office Chair

Ello there! After having to work from home the past couple months it has finally given me that motivational push to complete my home office makeover. Today I wanted to share how completed this refurbished office chair project!

So here it is before I got my hands on it. Yes I know, it’s not pretty but I think I was pretty lucky to score this find. I wanted something on the smaller side that wouldn’t be too big and bulky. I was also thrilled the legs and back weren’t made from cheap plastic. It was exactly what I was looking for to do a cheap and easy flip.

For the fabric I picked up a yard of black fleece from Walmart. There was a ton left over so I could have went with a half of a yard. I chose black fabric to hide any wear and stains over time. My last chair was white fur so I learned my lesson to stay awhile from white this time.

The first thing I did was use a screw driver to detach the backrest and the seat. I also pulled the wheels off. Luckily they popped out easily.

The back piece was inside a plastic covering. I pulled it out of the plastic and used a knife to cut the fabric off. For the seat I just had to flip over and cut the fabric around the edge to detach.

Next I started on the stand. I thought the silver chrome was kind of boring so decided to spray paint it white. Looking back I wish I tried a metallic rose gold but maybe next time! I used an etching primer first. This really helps the paint adhere better and prevent drips.

This primer dries super quick so after a few minutes I was ready to spray on the white. I did several thin coats of paint allowing several minutes in between coats.

Next I was ready to reupholster the seat. There was only a thin layer of padding originally so I decided to add a little extra. I had an old pillow that I used for extra stuffing. I broke off just enough to fit around the back piece. Then I put the old padding on top to help smooth out any bumps.

Once I had my stuffing sandwich, I laid the fabric over top and cut. I left enough around the edges to leave room to wrap around the back and pull it in.

Once the fabric was cut I flipped over and started wrapping around the wooden back piece. I used a hand stapler to attach the fabric around the outer edges and pulled the fabric tightly.

After the fabric was stapled the entire way around I used scissors to trim off the excess. Next I popped the backrest back into the plastic backing and got one completed piece.

Next repeat the same steps on the seat.

I let the stand dry for a couple hours, but it would be best to let sit for 24 hours before reassembling. I have no patience so I ended up scratching the paint a little. After drying I re-assembled the chair and admired my completed piece! So here is how my refurbished office chair turned out.

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This was my first reupholster project and I was surprised by how easy it was to do! It makes such a difference from what it started as and adds the perfect touch to the office.

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