Rae Dunn Inspired Cork Board

Hi all! Yes, I know it’s been awhile since my last post. BUT today I wanted to share how I created this DIY Rae Dunn inspired cork board. After working from home the last several months I finally had enough motivation to fix up my at home office and I have tons of awesome DIY office projects that I can’t wait to share.

rae dunn inspired cork board

I don’t know about you but I always keep a ton of cheat sheets, notes, and schedules around my desk that I’m constantly referring to. It doesn’t take long for my desk to become covered in papers and I can’t find anything. I came up with this super easy and cheap project so I can hang up all my important papers and easily find what I need.

Here are the materials I used to create this project:

  • 16″x20″ canvas
  • 2 stick on cork sheets from Dollar Tree
  • Piece of plywood 18″x15″
  • Scrap piece of wood 18″x1″
  • Hand stapler
  • Ebony wood stain
  • Vinyl letters

The first thing I did was flip the canvas face down. I used a razorblade and cut around the edges of the frame to remove the canvas and set it aside for later. Next, I stained the frame using Rustoleoum in the color of Ebony. The frame has staples in each corner Normally I would use a screw driver to pull staples out and re-staple on the back. You could even use wood filler to cover up the holes. However with me being lazy, I decided to skip this step.

Next I moved onto the corkboard. I found sheets of stick on cork at Dollar Tree. The sheets were very thin so I decided to stick them on a thin plywood board. If you don’t have plywood you could also try cardboard as well. You may need to double up so the thumbtacks don’t poke through the back. The sheets fit the width of the plywood perfectly. I used a jigsaw to cut the height at 16″ to fit inside the frame.

Once the wood was cut to the right size, I peeled the backing off the cork sheets and stuck onto the wood. I flipped the frame and cork board faced down and lined them up. I used a hand stapler with 1/2″ staples to secure board onto the frame.

After the board was attached, I had about 5 inches of space left over. I found a scrap piece of wood that was about an inch wide and decided to use as a separator between the cork and where the canvas will be applied. You could also try using a large paint stirrer for this piece. I stained it black and attached to the back of the frame. This gave the frame a much more finished look.

Rae Dunn inspired cork board

Now here is where the canvas comes back in. I used my silhouette cutting machine to create the “Rae Dunn” inspired lettering. I used the font “The Skinny” and cut out my vinyl letters. Next, I used transfer paper to stick the letters onto the canvas. Make sure you account for an extra two inches for the frame when printing out your letters. I made mine too big and has to trim in between lines to get it to fit correctly. I trimmed the canvas down to make it easier when applying letters and attaching to frame.

Now that the canvas was ready I flipped the frame and canvas face down and attached using my hand stapler and 1/4″ staples. I only stapled around the top, bottom and frame. I used tacky glue to glue the side along the divider since the staples were to big.

To finish it off I used a razor blade to cut off the excess canvas and then attached a hanger on the back. I had to offset the hang a little bit since the cork side is heavy than the canvas and it didn’t hang straight. Here is the finished piece! I love how it came out and it’s looks so cute in my office. This Rae Dunn inspired cork board was such a simple project to do and only took about an hour to complete. I would definitely recommend giving this a try!

rae dunn inspired corkboard

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