Re-purposed Door Entryway Benchseat

Hi all and happy Thursday. So today I am really excited to share this re-purposed door entryway benchseat project which was just about a year in the making. That means it should be a good one, right? Unfortunately I was not able to find any pictures of the before or beginning process. I know, I am hating myself right now. I started this project and gave up about half way through but at least I did finish! With that being said I am still going to share the basic concept and all the finishing touches.

When we moved first moved into our house we had replaced one of the doors off our shed. I ended up saving the door because I knew it would be perfect for a project one day. Finally the day came around and I decided I wanted to turn it into an entry way bench seat. I searched everywhere for a chest or a piece of furniture that I could re-purpose into a bench seat but was never able to find anything that was the right size. I finally caved and recruited my husband to help build the perfect chest.

We picked up one of these boards for the front and sides of the chest and ended up using some scrap wood we had on hand for the top, bottom, and back side of the chest. We also got a couple 3/4″ x 4″ boards to frame out the chest and furniture feet for the bottom.

Here is how the chest turned out minus the top piece and please disregard the terrible paint job. The door was a faded white color and rustic so I wanted to get the same effect on the chest. I used black acrylic and painted around the edges. As you can see I started to paint over it with a bright white using a brush but I was not happy with the outcome. I decided to switch the paint to an off white and use a paint sprayer instead. The sprayer was soo much easier and I was able to get a much better result over a brush or roller.

Originally the door was a little bit lighter in color and dirty looking. I lightly sanded in areas where the paint was chipping. This helped to smooth it out. Then I used a wet rag to get up some of the dirt and dust. I gave it a quick spray of paint. I didn’t want to go to overboard with it so I could preserve some of the rustic look.

Originally, we cut a foot off the bottom of the door because it was rotted. In order to make up for the lost height we screwed a piece of 2″x4″ on the bottom of each side. This allowed the door to rest on top of the pieces and raise it up higher. Next we drilled two holes on each side and bolted the door to the chest.

So here is where the black paint comes in. I sanded around all the edges to give it the rustic, antique look. At first I was extremely worried this was not going to work but it turned out perfect!

Next we added in all the fun, finishing touches. We found these cute rustic hinges to attach the top of the chest.

I kept the original door knob and the lock at the top and added two hooks on each side. To finish it off I cut a vinyl “welcome” sticker for the window.

Here is the finished piece! I could not be happier with how this turned out. I made this for my mom as a belated birthday gift. As much as I did not want to let it go, this piece fit so perfect in her house and she absolutely loves it.

I hope you enjoyed my latest re-purposed door entryway benchseat project. Don’t forget to check out some of my other posts and subscribe!

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