Framed Cotton Planter Spring Decor Idea

Hello all! Today I thought I’d share a simple DIY craft refurbishing antique frames into charming farmhouse decor. I had these frames sitting in a closet for several years and after doing a little spring cleaning decided now is a better time than ever to fix these babies up. These type of frames are actually super easy to come across. You can usually find them at Goodwill or thift shops. Keep reading along to find out how to make this framed cotton planter spring decor idea.

gold antique frames

Here is what the frames looked like to start off. They were an off white color with gold accents. I took the easy route and gave them a quick coat of white spray paint.

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I didn’t have any backing for the frames so I found these flat canvases that would do the trick!

In order to attach the canvas I applied wood glue around the ledge of the frame and placed the canvas inside. I let it sit overnight in order for the glue to dry completely.

I wanted to use one of the frames to attach a cute planter and decided to use a large jar. First I spray painted the jar a matte gray color. I used welding wire to attach the jar to the canvas. You could also use a large zip tie as well. I wrapped the wire around the jar and twisted. I used twine string to hide the wire and also decorate the jar a bit.

Hold the jar up to the canvas to get an idea of where you want it to sit and mark it. I wanted mine a bit lower so that I had room to add floral. Drill two small wholes about an inch apart where you made the mark. Pull one wire through each hole and twist in the back to secure. I messed up a bit and old did one hole. The jar wasn’t very secure so I went back and fixed it later by adding a second hole.

The last step is to add your own floral. A couple weeks back I tried a DIY cotton stem project. It was super adorable but I kept moving them from jar to jar and felt like something was always missing. I picked up a eucalyptus stem and it was exactly what it needed to really make it pop. I inserted a piece of floral foam inside the jar and started adding the stems.

So here is how the final project turned out! This is a pretty simple DIY project that barely cost a thing! I absolutely love the look of this. If you enjoyed this Framed Cotton Planter Spring Decor Idea check out some of my other posts here.

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