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Hey Everyone! So I don’t know about you but usually around this time of year I start feeling like winter is never going to end, my motivational levels are at a low, and I just want to crawl back to bed and hibernate the next couple months. Anyone else get this way? Well today I come bearing some good news that just might cheer you up. We have officially made it the 30 day mark until day light savings ends and 37 days until spring! Hard to believe right?

With spring around the corner and warmer days on the horizon it has given me that little boost I needed to dive into an easy DIY project. I made this framed sign set about a year ago to sell in a craft fair and I was super upset to let them go! So I thought it was time to re-create this look and also share with you how to DIY. *Freebie alert: I’ve also included a downloadable printable so make sure to download yours at the bottom of the page!

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Here is what you need for this project:

  • Two 12×12 canvases (these can be any size you like)
  • 12×24 sheet of vinyl
  • 12×24 sheet of vinyl transfer
  • Wood Stain
  • Spray paint
  • Hand Stapler
  • Razor Blade
  • Sand Paper

First you will need to detach the canvases from the frame. Lay the canvases face down and use a razor blade to cut around the edges on the outside of the staples. Once you have cut all the way around and detached the canvas pull up the excess strips of canvas on the inside of the staples.

Next you will need to prep your frames. Sometimes they can look a little rough or have ink stamps so do a quick sanding with either a palm sander or just regular sand paper will do but it takes a little extra effort. For stain I decided to use Varthane in Special Walnut. I applied pretty generously using an old t-shirt and let sit for a few minutes before wiping off any excess stain.

Now I was ready to move on to the canvases. I left one canvas white and spray painted the other canvas black. You could also use a brush with regular acrylic paint as well.

As the canvas was drying I moved on to cutting the stencils. I used my silhouette machine to cut out the vinyl stencils on a sheet of 12×24 black vinyl . For the white canvas I am going to be using the vinyl letters. For the black canvas I weeded out the letters and will use the vinyl as a stencil and spray paint white letters. You could always use a 12×12 sheet of black and a 12×12 sheet of white and use letters for both as well. I only had black vinyl on hand so chose to do it this way.

Here is where you will use the black letters on the 1st sign that says Live By the Sun. I peeled back the excess vinyl and applied the transfer paper over top of the letters. Peel the white backing off and stick onto the canvas.

Now you can move on to the black canvas. First weed out the letters and apply transfer paper. Peel off backing and apply to the canvas. I used painters tape to mask around the edges of the canvas that we’re not covered by the stencil so when you spay paint the white letters there won’t be any overspray.

You will want to be careful when spray painting the letters. If the stencil isn’t completely stuck down to the canvas or if you spray too close then you might get a bit of over spray under the stencil. I usually do a couple layers and let sit for a few minutes in between. Once you have the letters painted you can carefully pull up the vinyl stencil.

Now you have the completed canvases!

The next step is to attach the canvases onto the frames. Place the frame on top of the canvas to line it up and then carefully flip over while holding in place. Staple on one of the sides about midway down. Flip back over to make sure you are still lined up and then place face down and staple opposite end. As you staple the canvas all the way around make sure you are stretching it tightly.

Once the canvas it stapled you can use a razor blade to trim around the outside.

The last step I did was add a small hanger to the top of each frame. Here is the finished product! This Framed Canvas DIY project is relatively easy to do and took me about on hour to complete. I have created so many adorable farmhouse signs around my house using this technique and I absolutely love it! Don’t forget to pick up your free printable to create this set.

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