DIY Cotton Wreath

Okay, so I admit it. When it comes to cotton decor I am OBSESSED. Whether it is cotton plants, cotton garland, or cotton wreaths I want it all! It is the perfect piece for any farmhouse decor. Problem is this can get very pricey. What if I told you there was a way to create your own cotton decor without spending hardly any money at all? Well your in luck because I’m about to show you how I made my own Cotton Wreath. This project takes less than 30 minutes and the best part is that almost all the materials you already have on hand.

First you have to create the wreath. Now I got lucky on this part because I just so happen to have a wisteria tree in my backyard with the perfect roots so I collected just enough roots to start building my wreath. Start out wrapping two vines in a circular pattern and use floral wire to secure. Once you have the base continue wrapping more vines around until you have the desired thickness of your wreath. You want the wreath to look something like the picture below. If you don’t have access to roots you can always easily purchase one at a craft store or online at Amazon.

Next you will need to gather the rest of the materials. For this part you will need:

  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Cotton Balls
  • Pine Cones
  • Small Dried Leaves

Start off by gluing the cotton balls in random spots around the wreath similar to the photo below. You can choose to add more or less if desired. I chose to keep mine simple. It’s going to look a little funny at first but I promise it will add come together.

Once you are content you can move on to the pine cones. You will need to pull the scales off the pine cone. I found that old, dried out pines cones were the easiest to pull apart. Once you get a nice pile going you can start gluing about 3-4 scales around each cotton ball. This will make the cotton look more realistic.

The last step is to add some dry leaves around the cotton. I gathered a few small sized leave that were a bit lighter in color to help give it some contrast.

Once you added the leaves your finished! This project does take a bit of patience but honestly it is so easy anyone can do it. I decided to hang mine on an old window on display in my dining room. It fit in perfect with the rest of my cotton decor.

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