23 Ways to Repurpose Pallets Into Rustic Home Decor

I have to admit that my love of DIY Home Decor projects all started when I came across my first wood pallet. Ever since that moment the rest was history. The best part is that they are so easy to acquire and don’t cost anything! I mean who doesn’t love free right? With a little inspiration and a little sweat, maybe some tears you can create just about anything you put your mind too. You can say I’ve done my fair share of pallet projects over the years and today I’m finally going to share with you ALL (okay most) of my pallet creations here in one post. So sit back and get inspired

Wood Signs

So I will start with the most obvious…wood signs. All you have to do is nail a couple pieces of pallet wood together and get creative with it! More recently I’ve invested in a vinyl cutting machine to create my own stencils and it makes the process so much easier. If you don’t have a cutting machine no worries. There are plenty of other easy methods for creating your own stencil. Check out my post below to learn a step by step tutorial on how to stencil your own wood sign without a cutting machine.

Easy DIY Wood Sign Stencil Tutorial

Accent Decor

I love adding rustic accent ideas around my kitchen. These pallet projects are not only super easy to make but they all serve an alternative purpose besides dressing up your decor.

Mail and Key Holder

Seriously though, how cute are these? I’ll admit I had the worst habit of coming home and throwing my mail and keys all over the counter. I could never find my keys and important mail was always disappearing. With the help of a couple tools these mail holders are pretty simple to make and must have for your entryway.


I absolutely LOVE making shelves. There are so many different combinations and styles on how you can build shelves out of pallet wood and they are great for adding small knick knacks. These are just a few of my pallet shelf ideas. Click the link if you want to learn how I made the pallet coat hanger shelf.

Easy DIY Pallet Coat Hanger Tutorial

Picture Frames

Why spend a bunch of money on picture frames when you can easily create your own? I made these frames out of leftover scrap wood and they are so simple you can make them in minutes. With a little paint or stain and a bit of imagination the possibilities are endless. Check out my blog to learn how you can make your own wood frames.

Simple DIY Wood Picture Frames

Bathroom Accents

Give your bathroom a rustic “face lift” with these pallet accents.

Pallet Planter

If your patio needs a little sprucing up then try out this pallet planter project. Check out the link below to learn how to DIY!

DIY Pallet Planter

Pallet Patio Bar

My goal when making this project was to use it for a check out booth at craft fairs. Once it was done I realized how perfect it was for a patio bar! I got so many compliments on this project and it was surprisingly pretty easy to make. Check out my post to learn how you can make one of these for yourself!

DIY Patio Pallet Bar Tutorial

Wood Pallet Picture

I love this idea for displaying professional photos such as engagement shoots, wedding pictures, or family photos. The best part is that is so easy to make. Follow the link to learn how you can make your own.

Wood Pallet Picture DIY Project

I hope you enjoyed all of my refurbished pallet projects. If you liked this post then please subscribe to my blog to follow me on all my latest endeavors!

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