Pallet Planter Box

The pallet planter box was such a fun project to take on. With spring in the air it was the a great time to start cleaning up the yard and start planting flowers. Back when I lived in a small townhouse with a little outdoor patio my favorite thing to do was cover the entire area with plants and flowers. It was like a little outdoor oasis. So when we bought our house with large deck off the back I couldn’t help but feel like it needed some sprucing up. I always have pallets laying around so the idea of a pallet planter box began!

The hardest part was building a base for the pallet to attach to. I had to make sure to make it large and heavy enough to hold up the pallet without it tipping over. I ended up using some 2×6 boards for the base and built the box for the pallet to stand up in. After the base was complete it was time to start on the pallet. I removed all boards on one side of the pallet except for the top and one about halfway down. This needs to be done carefully so the board won’t break because we will need these pieces for the next step.

So now you should have the walls built on the top and middle planter and now you can start closing off the bottom. Using the spare boards cut them down to size and nail into the bottom of the planters. Since there is a brace in between you will need to but these in half and possible trim a bit so they will fit.

The last step is to set your pallet inside the base box that you built and screw together. I chose not to paint or stain my pallet planter but if you have the patience you could always go for it. Now you are ready to fill your planters with potting mix and plant your flowers! Here is how my finished project turned out.

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