Craft Fair Check-out Booth

One of my goals this year was to participate in more local craft fairs and events around my town. I wanted to build something that would make my booth more appealing while not breaking the bank. I had plenty of pallets on hand so I decided to make use of them and build a check out booth. The booth ended up being a huge hit. I had multiple people offer to purchase the stand but I wasn’t ready to part with it just yet. This booth would also work perfect as a small bar for an outdoor patio and is super simple to make!

The only materials you need to create this project is 2 pallets, 2×4’s, and some paint. I started off by cutting one of the pallets in half. These pieces will be used as the sides of the booth. Next I cut 4 pieces of 2×4’s about 10″ long each. Then I stood the pallet up with the bottom brace facing horizontally and lined the half pallet up at a 90 degree angle with both braces facing inward and horizontal. The pallets should now be standing up in an L shape. I took the first 2×4 and lined it up in the corner of the L shape along the bottom bracket of both brackets and screwed into both pallets to connect the two pallets together. Next I repeated this step on the top brace. You may find it easier to flip the pallets over so you can see what you doing. After completing this I repeated the same steps to attach the 2nd side. Here is what the inside of the pallets should look like after attaching together.

Once the sides were complete I found a piece of scrap wood for the top piece and cut it to the desired size. Next I placed on top and screwed into place. I cut another piece of scrap wood and rested it on the middle brace to add shelving inside.

The pallets weren’t perfect so I did end up breaking apart a few other pallets to fill in the gaps of the pallets. This is was not necessary but it really helped pull the look together. Luckily the pallets already had a grayish tone so I decided to give it a white wash effect using a dry brush technique with white paint.

Here is the finished product! The stand was the perfect size and really helped make my booth more appealing. So if your looking for booth ideas without breaking the bank then this might be a great option!

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