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A few years ago I stumbled across a bunch of old windows on Craig’s List. I have been wanting to turn one into a picture frame for the longest time. Since I just had engagement photos done recently I thought this would be the perfect opportunity! I used Vista Print to print my poster size photo. It only cost $9 for 18″x24″ and it arrived at my door in less than a week.

The first thing I did was lightly sand the frame. I wanted to keep the rustic look but I needed to get off some of the dirt and grime. The next step was to clean the glass using Windex. The glass had some paint splatter so I used a razor blade to get up some of the tougher stains.

I wanted to freshen up the paint just a little bit and touch up the sides. I used acrylic paint and carefully brushed it on lightly to preserve the “rustic” look.

Once the paint was dry I laid the window over my picture. As you can see my picture did not exactly fit the window. I had originally printed it out before deciding to do this project so I was not very prepared but I was determined to make it work! After lining it up I trimmed off the edges.

Next I flipped the window and picture face down. I used a hand held staple gun and stapled the picture around the edges.

I had a little extra space on both sides. I decided to use the trimmings from the photo and staple it up the sides to give it a white background. I absolutely love how this turned out. I may need to move a few things around to make wall space but I can not wait to hang this up in my living room!

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2 thoughts on “Window Picture Frame

  1. Wow, this is such a cute idea. I’ve seen smaller ones in each frame, but I love the look of one large picture!! I have one that has 6 panes that I used for a seating chart for our wedding, I may have to repurpose it with a wedding photo 🙂

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