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Recently I have been dancing around the idea of updating my living room walls. So I decided to give this project a try and I love the finished product! It is such an easy project and took less than an hour to complete. I used Wal-Mart photo to print my picture on a 16 x 20 poster. You can choose any size you like but I wanted mine to be on the larger size.

I was able to collect some old pallet wood I had on hand that was the perfect width I was looking for. You could also purchase the wood at Home Depot or Lowes for under $10 bucks and cut it down to size. The pallet wood was a little rough so I sanded it slightly for a smoother finish.

I stapled two smaller pieces of pallet wood on to the back to hold it all together. Then I stapled wiring on the top to use as a hanger.

I chose to use white chalk paint as the background. I have also made one using wood stain that also looks awesome! If you plan on doing a stain then you should hold off on the next steps until after you glued the picture down. I wanted the wood to have a distressed look so I used black shoe polish to create a distressed look before I painted it. I took an old t-shirt and dipped it in the polish and smeared it around the edges. Next I lightly brushed on the chalk paint around the edges.

Once the paint was dry I laid the picture on top of wood to figure out how it needed to be cut. The picture was a little larger than I had wanted so trimmed an inch off each side. With the picture centered on the wood I took a razor blade and cut the picture down the crack of each piece of wood creating three strips.

The next step is very important. You will need to take the middle piece and just barely trim down one side. This will ensure that it will not cover the crack and give the illusion that the picture is actually part of the wood.

I used Mod Podge to glue the picture down. You will want to be pretty generous with the glue so the picture sticks and doesn’t bubble up. I would also suggest working quickly as it does dry pretty fast. If you are using stain for the background then at this point you should Mod Podge over top of the picture but try not to get it on the wood. If you are using paint then hold off a little longer on this step.

Next I used a sander to sand around the edges of the picture. The will help blend the picture into the wood. The ink smeared a little so I lightly brushed paint back around the edges to blend it a little more. Lastly, brush Mod Podge over the picture for a protective finish. If you are using a stain then this is the point where you can go ahead and do so. I would recommend using an old t-shirt or cloth and rub the stain around the picture and your done!

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Here are two samples of the ones I created using a wood stain instead of paint. These are so simple to make and a great idea for your family photos!

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