Wine Bottle Picture Frame

If you are looking for something different to do with your old wine bottles here is a great idea. Start using them as picture frames. These are so easy to make and also are perfect for gifts.

Start by peeling all the labels off. I like to soak mine in warm soapy water for a few minutes. Then I use Goo Gone and a razor to scrape off any excess glue. I also found you can use steel wool to scrub the labels as well and it comes off super easy! Next, place the picture face down onto the bottle and use scotch tape around the entire picture. You will need to cover all the edges so the paint won’t get underneath.

Then you need to use painter’s tape to create the opening in the front. Make sure to make the opening big enough so that you will be able to see the picture easily. If you make it too small it will look dark and you will only be able to see the picture when your face is right smack in front of it.

I use a clear mineral paint to get a nice texture and it also helps hide where you taped the picture. I take a brush and blot it on. The thicker and bumpier the better! This step is optional but I find that I get better results when doing this. The paint will adhere better and not scratch as easily as it would over just glass.

Once the mineral paint is dry you are ready to add some color. I’ve used both acrylic and chalk paint and they have both worked really well. When you paint the bottle make sure to be generous with the paint. I usually end up doing two coats to get full coverage. If you like you can also do a clear topcoat. Mod podge has always worked well for me but there are many other options you can use as well.

After it is dry, CAREFULLY peel off the painters tape. The paint can come up pretty easily so you will want to take your time on this. Next comes the fun part! There are many ways you can decorate your bottle. I like to hot glue rocks, glass beads, or decorative string around the opening. I’ve used artificial flowers, butterflies, and even birds to decorate the bottles. A good idea is to check out the scrap booking section at the craft store. Don’t be afraid to get creative with it and try something different.

The last step is to fill the bottle with water. You do not want to get the bottle wet especially around the opening because the mineral paint will peel. Try using a funnel or place the bottle under the faucet and slowly allow it to fill up. I fill it up to the neck of the bottle and stick the cork back in as far as you can push it down. When you first fill it up you will see bubbles inside but don’t worry after a few hours they will go away. And there you have it, a picture frame wine bottle!

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