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I’m usually not the type to splurge a ton of money on home décor. I find way more satisfaction slapping a few pieces of wood together creating my own work of art. There is no greater feeling than looking around my house knowing that I put my own personal touch on almost everything. I’m going to let you in on a few tips and tricks I’ve discovered that can save you a TON of money when decorating your home.

So the first secret I will let you in on is that you would be surprised to see all the “hidden gems” I’ve found at places like Good Will, Habitat for Humanity, or small resale shops. Some days you may have better luck than others but you never know what you will find unless you look. Usually the pieces I find are a tad old and worn but there is nothing a little TLC can’t fix. Here are some pieces around my house that I’ve collected and fixed up to make my own. I think I spent less than $5 on each piece. After a new coat of paint or stain they look good as new!

My next secret is the good old Dollar Tree. Yes I’ll admit that some of the stuff looks cheap and tacky but there are a few good things you can find. I always check the kitchen section. Sometimes you can find cute glass jars and bottles that you can use as décor. Make sure to check out the craft section to spruce them up. For example, I like to fill the jars with glass rocks and moss then stick flowers out the top. I can always find something there to turn into a craft! Just use your creativity and see what you can find.

Then there is always good ole craft store like Michaels. Now you may not save as much money using this route then you would just buying something already made but I find way more satisfaction making something myself. I would recommend signing up for a rewards card. I get coupons emailed to me daily that save me A LOT of money. You can earn points for every dollar you spend and after a certain amount you get a coupon for $10 off any purchase! This place is my go to for any project I do. You can literally find anything you need for any project. Here are some decor projects I’ve made with my finds at this store.

My last secret is WOOD PALLETS. Where would I be without these in my life? With a little bit of hunting you can usually find pallets pretty easy and for the most part completely free! I’ve never spent a penny and who doesn’t love free? I live in a somewhat big city so I never have to go looking very hard. We have a part of town that is all industrial businesses stocked with pallets. Their shipments come in on pallets, they get unloaded, and the pallets are tossed against a dumpster. I always ask the business if it is okay first because sometimes they do re-use them. Most of the time they are happy to have someone take them off their hands. So I’m sure you are wondering what I do with these pallets. I mostly use them for signs to hang around my house but I love coming up with new ways to put them to good use. For example I like to make trays and holders for items around my kitchen. They also work great for shelving (believe it or not). I turned one into a shelf/coat rack and it works perfectly! Take a look at some of my creations using pallets.

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