Garage Sale Find – Refurbished Cabinet

I picked up this little cabinet for $10 bucks at a garage sale! The people selling it thought I was crazy but they were happy to have someone take it off their hands. I could tell that it was probably sitting in a puddle of water because the feet were swelled and there was a ring of mold around the bottom. It was missing a drawer as well but I loved the glass doors and I knew I could fix it up.

First thing I did was clean it up the best I could. My fiance did a little repair on the feet and it actually didn’t look as bad. It was made from laminate and not wood but the color matched my kitchen walls so I decided to do a white wash look to try and salvage it. I sanded it down just enough to not take off all the color and still be able to apply paint. I had some leftover white matte paint and decided to give it a try. I lightly brushed the paint on enough to cover up all the flaws but still leave some color showing through. Once it was dry, I sanded it a little more till I achieved the distressed look I was going for.

My original plan was to use chicken wire and fill in the gap where the drawer used to be. As much as I hate to admit it the cabinet ended up sitting in my garage for a while until I got fed up one night and decided I was not going to bed until it was complete. My next plan was to make a drawer but we didn’t have the supplies on hand for that either. My fiance found a board lying around and we decided to make a faux drawer instead. We cut the board down to the correct size, painted it, and attached a knob to make it more “realistic”. I’ll admit that I did cut a lot of corners with this piece but it is a great idea if you’re looking for a quick, simple fix. Overall, I am pretty happy with the results. I ended up using it as a small buffet stand in my kitchen and it looks great!

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