From Bi-Fold Closet Door to Corner Shelf

The other day I was feeling inspired and started digging around my garage looking for any materials I could use to start a new project. I found an old bi-fold closet door and decided right away that it would be perfect to turn into a corner shelf! After coming up with the idea I recruited my fiance to be the mastermind behind the project because it could have been a disaster if I tried to do it myself. I absolutely loved this project because we didn’t spend any money what so ever! We had to get a little creative with the design but we used whatever we could find around the house. The best part is you can easily get all the parts needed at a hardware store. Since the closet door is a little out dated they are pretty easy to find at Habitat for Humanity or Goodwill. So here is how we created this beautiful piece for our dining room.

The door had a little wear to it but I decided not to paint it because I liked the rustic look it had. We started off by making the shelves. We have a ton of scrap wood from remodeling our kitchen so we used a square piece and lined the corner inside the door to get the 90-degree angle. Using a triangle, we lined up where the shelf needed to be cut. We used a miter saw to cut the shelf and repeated the process 3 more times until we had four shelves.

Next, I sanded each piece down because there had been stain on it previously and I wanted to freshen up the wood a bit. After we used a router on the out edge of each shelf to give it a little more design. This step is completely optional but I love the way it came out. Then I stained each shelf, top and bottom, using the color espresso. Once they were dry I did a coat of semi-gloss polyurethane.

This is where the tricky part starts. We hung each shelf differently for a couple reasons. Mostly because we used whatever we could find around the garage but also because we wanted to make sure it would be sturdy while being pleasing to the eyes. With that being said this what we did…

We wanted the bottom shelf to be the piece that really holds it together so it won’t wobble all over. We used to 90-degree brackets and screwed them on like so.

Flipping the closet on the side, we lined the edge of the bracket up directly with the bottom of the closet and screwed it into place.

For the shelf above that we used the same type of brackets only a little smaller so they wouldn’t be as noticeable.

The next shelf is at eye level so we wanted to do something a little less noticeable then the brackets. I had two pegs left over from when we installed our kitchen cabinets. I also found a packet of angle brackets from when we hung shelves in my closet. We drilled a hole for each peg where we wanted the shelf to hang. Then we screwed an angle bracket on the back corner of the shelf. We lined the shelf up to the pegs and screwed the bracket in place. Then we inserted the pegs for the shelf to rest on in the front.

For the top piece we used wood glue along the edges and lined it up with the very top of the door. On the back side of the door, we nailed the shelf into place. Our corner shelf was complete!

The project came out better than I had hoped. It didn’t take much time to build (the worst part was waiting for the stain to dry) and it was pretty simple too. Here is a finished look of the shelf set up in our dining room. I could not be more pleased with the results!

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